Artist Copyrights His Backyard To Stop Oil Pipelines

Artist Peter Von Tiesenhausen copyrighted his 600 acre property to stop oil pipelines.


Peter von Tiesenhausen is an artist from Alberta. He has successfully taken on one of the largest oil corporations of his country and stopped them from putting pipelines on his 800 acre property.  Through artist copyright Peter covered his entire property with artwork. Creating sculptures with willow stalks, trees, and other resources, he turned what was his backyard into an enormous piece of art. Then copyrighted the top 6 inches of his entire property as his artwork.

What started this whole end ever for Peter was the realization that mining companies can legally claim any land beneath private property to a depth of 6 inches.  Hoping to save the farm land he inherited from his parents, he hired a lawyer. After that a copyright claim was drawn up in order to protect the land beneath his property from oil corporations.

Since Peter von Tiesenhausen had protected his precious land, he still got many harassing phone calls and visits. With yet another elaborate scheme to put the oil tycoons in their place, he drew up another plan. He demands $500 per hour from any company that wants to talk with him about his property.

Artist copyright truly is a wonderful thing.

credit: wallisty

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