Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Event (09/09/15)

#4. iPad Pro

The sales of iPad tablets have been down lately due to competition and people already having way too many Apple products. Apple’s solution to declining iPad sales? Create a new one. I’m not saying that creating a new iPad is a bad idea (since Apple obviously knows better than me), but people don’t upgrade their tablets as often as they upgrade their cellphones. I guess creating improved iPads each year is Apple’s way of lowkey creating urgency¬†for people to upgrade tablets. Well besides all of what I just said, here are the most important features of the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is now the largest, most powerful iPad with a 12.9 in. screen and an A9X chip (1.8 times the performance of an A8X chip). The iPad Pro will weight 1.59 lbs., be 6.9 mm thick, have built in speakers three times more powerful than previous iPads, be available in silver, space grey, and gold, and be released in November. The most important improvement to the iPad family will be the new stylus available for the iPad Pro. Steve Jobs was completely against the “input method,” but he also never had a 12.9 in. iPad to work around. The iPad Pro will start at $799, or pretty much the price of a laptop or small child.

ipad pro


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