4 Wacky Study Hacks That Will Get You An A+

#4 Chew Flavored Gum

Chewing gum has been proven to increase focus, concentration, and alertness. Not only that, the benefits from chewing on gum while being sleepy or drowsy are particularly impressive. Now, caffeinated gum is a different story. Caffeinated gum will enable you to be sharp, aware of your environment, and in some cases multi-task extremely efficient.

When it comes to your brain being able to recall things that it has already came across in the past, triggering your five senses is key. While studying if you chew a certain flavor gum, peppermint for example, and then you chew that same gum when taking an exam or test, your brain will have a higher possibility of remembering what you have already learned. Your taste buds trigger your taste sense and your brain will react by your temporal lobe recognizing the sense. In conclusion, you will remember what you learned while that sense was in action.

#3 Stop The All-Nighters


image: CBS

Give your brain the rest it deserves. Sleep is key in order to strengthen and recall new memories. So before you have an endless nights of cramming, make sure you catch some Zzz’s instead so your test or exam isn’t a total failure.

#2 Loud Noises!


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Your brain’s ability to remember what you have read or studied is all based off of how important the material was to your brain. Reading material is better than reading it in your head, but yelling it is much, much better. Use loud noises and tones when going over material and passages for studying in order to remember everything you need to ace your exams.

#1 Listen To Instrumental Music

When listening countless hours of recorded lectures, open up Pandora and play instrumental music in the background while studying. This soothes your brain and keeps you from going insane.

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